Stihl MS440, MS 460, 461, 044, 046 Handle – $130.00 with $12 flat rate shipping in the lower 48 states. 


Stihl MS660, MS650, 066, 065, 064 Handle – $130.00 with $12 flat rate shipping in the lower 48 states.


Weber Customs Inc. is a small business located in Kalispell, Montana – an area grounded and steeped in a rich logging heritage. Sadly, logging has nearly come to a standstill over the last decade. The men and women that remain in the timber industries, continue to fight for their way of life, and persist in holding out for a better tomorrow. 

Although logging is in a down-turn, our hope is that it will make a come back. Looking forward to that day and to the needs of the present day, WCI Inc. (Weber Customs Inc.) has begun manufacturing a tough, professional full-wrap chainsaw handle. 

The first prototypes were developed and sent out in 2009 to be tested by loggers and forest professionals in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon State. The feedback we received told us that they stood up to logging and wildland fire environments, and that few design changes were needed. A limited production run was done in 2010 and steps toward full production started in January 2012. 

Our handle fabrication begins with an aircraft grade aluminum tubing for the main body and side support. The bottom mount is machined from a billet aluminum bar stock, a mount unique to our handles, and unparalleled in strength. They are then coated with a very tough two-part polyurethane, which not only strengthens the tubing, but provides a superior gripping surface for a bare or gloved hand. This coating far exceeds a rubber sleeve that adds no strength to the handle, and often becomes loose, or tares leaving gaps and slits in the material. 

Initially, our handles were marginally smaller in circumference than a factory handle. The diameter of the tubing we used is the same as other production handles, but our coating wasn’t as thick as the rubber sleeves they apply. Over-coating the handles was never an option, as it would offer no significant benefit, and only add to the price of production. Some of our customers liked the slightly smaller feel and some wanted a little more to hold on to. 

The first full-wrap handles we will produce, will be for a few select models of Stihl chainsaws. As the popularity of our product increases, we will continue to add other models, as well as other popular manufacturers such as Husqvarna. At this time, we have no intention of making either half-wrap or 3/4 -wrap handles.