Weber Customs (WCI) is located in NW Montana, Kalispell and Columbia Falls area.  My name is Rod Weber, thank you for considering my products and services.  I have worked as a prototype machinist in the aerospace industry for over 20 years; rifle building became my favorite area of the machining trade early on. It not only involves precision machining but an attention to detail over the entire process.

I didn’t go with a catchy name because I believe that if you truly put your best into a product, your name should be on it to prove your heart is in it.

I try to keep my prices in the ball park of what most smiths are charging and also get paid for my time. I’m not boasting, just saying, I am first a prototype machinist then a rifle smith. Most operations done during a rifle build are considered simple to the advanced machinist but…Precision and accuracy are in the details and both of those “should” take time no matter how simple the operation.  

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Great story Must read! Aspen is 14 years old and this is her first elk! Nice shooting Aspen! I spoke with Tod (the father) on sat about this hunt. I had heard about it from other people but wanted his first hand version. A quick note about the rifle. I built this rifle at the beginning of 2018. I trued up a rem700 then chambered a proof stainless barrel in 6.5 Creedmoor. I did a basic no frills cerakote job to protect the carbon steel action from the elements. This was a budget build so it was bedded into a bell stock. Tod explained that his daughter Aspen has an eye condition called Pars planitis. This is a sore subject for Tod, our conversation had a few tears on both sides of the call. Tod wanted the best chance for his daughter to get her first elk, he knew she would need ample time to get set up behind the scope and focus with the eye condition. Tod hired an outfit called Dome mountain ranch to help with this opportunity. There guides name was Clay and they were in area 313, Gardiner Montana. The day before the hunt Aspen received a shot in her eye, it was unsure if she would recover enough to see thru an optic but like a trooper she went hunting! This cow elk was taken at 612 yards by Aspen, she shot from a prone position using a bipod. It was ranged by Tod using a Sig Kilo 2400 range finder and backed up by Clay using a Leica rangefinder. . . . @webercustoms #proofresearch #leicahunting #sigsaueroptics

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