Welcome to Weber Customs.  Some of you want to be involved in your rifle building process; you have your favorite stock, barrel, action trigger and so forth. I welcome you to pick and choose every detail along the way.  Or, you may be new to this crazy rifle building thing, you know you want the best in quality and workmanship but you just don’t know what to ask for. I consider it a privilege to walk thru the process with you!    For those who know what they want when they see it, I have rifles ready to ship or I can work off of a photo that caught your eye on the internet. Let me build you a rifle, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.      

Weber Customs (WCI) is located in NW Montana, Kalispell and Columbia Falls area.  My name is Rod Weber, thank you for considering my products and services. I have worked as a prototype machinist in the aerospace industry for over 20 years; rifle building became my favorite area of the machine trade early on. It not only involves precision metal work but an attention to detail over the entire process.

 I take pride in my work and that’s why my name is on the business and the rifles I build.  I have old school beliefs and customer service; I believe that if I take care of my customers then they turn into friends. When a professional of any sort builds something for himself it’s always a notch or two above the norm. Look at a house that was built by and for the builder, or a classic car restored by and for the builder.  My way of thinking is that every rifle I build is for me, its mine! So don’t be surprised if I hesitate just a little when handing over the finished product, I put my best into it and it’s hard to let go of.

Contact me at rod@webercustoms.com


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