Bedding a rifle is a key ingredient in the relationship between the stock and receiver. When you hold a rifle to shoot in the free standing position, lean it on a tree side, set it on a bipod or shoot it from a bench rest things happen. Different pressures on different areas of the stock can cause flexing and changing of the “barrel harmonics”. Bedding provides a perfect, snug fit so that these changes in position (and temperature) don’t affect your downrange accuracy. A major factor in this is the stock itself. No matter if you’re plinking, shooting competition or on the hunt you need a ridged stock before bedding will help. Bedding a flimsy plastic stock will not help your cause.


Really there is nothing standard about it! This is the bedding that is done when a stock is ordered and you want to keep the factory finish. It gets the same meticulous prep work as the premium/form fit bedding. It’s not less of a product or inferior, it’s for a different kind of build (see stock finishing and form fit bedding).

Standard bedding for Remington 700’s and clones. Price set at $200

All other brands/models are quoted as needed and price depends on disassembly, prep work and reassembly time.




The listed price is for that service alone.  When Services are combined discounts will apply.  

When a full build is ordered a package price will be quoted   

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