Muzzle Threading

Muzzle Threading

The crown is the last thing your bullet touches before flight, that bullet flies thru whatever is threaded on the muzzle, sounds important to me!  Weber Customs threads and crowns the muzzle only after the barrel is dialed in to a .0002 concentricity using range rods.  If you send a muzzle brake or suppressor (only the threaded end cap), a tight thread clearance can be done. If no device is sent then a class 3A thread will be done.



Muzzle threading only $100 When done with chamber.

Muzzle thread with thread protector or brake $130 when done with chamber.

Brake not included.

Not done at the time of chambering add $40

This covers cost of Disassembly / reassembly. In some cases the barrel may need to removed from the action.



The listed price is for that service alone.  When Services are combined discounts will apply.  When a full build is ordered a package price will be quoted.                                  Please contact for services needed,