1. do your bars match the gunning lines?

My bars are very close to matching, but do not match the gunning lines perfectly. Here is the reason, we thought it more important to match the lines of the chain break so that our bars would be at a more comfortable angle for long periods of use. Not to mention staying within the ANSI and ISO specs for these types of handles. So we had to make a decision between this or matching the gun lines. I think we made the wise choice in that our bars flow very nice in the hand, and there are already gun lines on the saw.

2. What Materials do you use?

My main bar/hoop is a 1″ diameter .062 wall and the up bar is a 7/8 ” diameter .062 wall. Most bars out there are 7/8″ on the hoop and the up bar. I have bent both in my bender, and there is a substantial difference in the way 1″ vs 7/8″ bends. I am convinced that my 1″ hoop has more strength then that of one made out of 7/8″. As for the up bar the strength is acquired when the handle is bolted to the saw so for fit and finish purposes it remained a 7/8″ tube. The bottom mount is machined from a solid block of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. All the materials in my handles are a true aircraft grade. It is possible to save a little money by using cheaper alloy, but you won’t catch me using cheap materials. 

3. installation instructional video: