Cerakote is the leading firearms coating on the market. The Cerakote elite is an extremely durable option for your next build as is the original H-series. The elite series has a higher abrasion resistance but is limited in color options and configuration. Elite is a great choice for one or two tone metal applications.

Cerakote H-series is also extremely durable and is great for camo patterns on metal or composites.


All Cerakote is done in house at Weber Customs to ensure quality. Your rifle will be completely broken down to its base components. All components will be cleaned and prepped per Cerakote standards or better. Cerakoting optics is never a good idea, It can be done without harm but most (if not all) scope manufacturers will consider it a void of the warranty. My “suggestion” is…If you don’t like your rifle green and your scope black then lets add a few black features to it (bolt handle, bolt shroud, screws, muzzle break, ecs).

Prices widely vary depending on patterns and number of colors.

Remington 700 or Clone Metal one color (barreled action, bottom metal, screws, scope mounts)  –  Price is set at $250  

Two color (bolt handle, bolt shroud, screws, muzzle break, ecs) -$275

Some rifle makes are more complicated and time consuming to break down, there are more components to coat. Please contact for a quote.