Form fit, seamless bedding   $275.00 Finish color and texture not included

This is a time consuming and hard learned process but it’s worth it!

This Bedding process gives a perfectly snug action to stock, rock solid and repeatable fit.

The lines of the tang, ejection port and bolt release flow perfectly into stock. One can barely feel the transition with a fingernail, the bottom metal receives the same treatment. The bolt handle gets a form fit to the stock with a small and consistent clearance around it, taking away all unnecessary gaps.

 This is the difference between custom parts put together, or a full custom build that is one solid piece of fine engineering!

A rifle done in this fashion starts out with an unfinished stock or “primed, ready for paint”. A finished stock can be used but refinishing will be necessary.  McMillan or Manners stocks are preferred.   In most cases customers opt to have a Cerakote pattern or solid color done with a rock hard clear coat. Weber Customs also offers an extremely tough finish that has a textured black color. This is the finish that you would expect to see on a top notch department/tactical style rifle. See (Stock finishes product page) for Cerakote and other finishing options.

Cerakote, bead blast or other finishing of the barreled action and bottom metal will need to be done. This brings the whole package together into a tough, dependable and precision, heirloom grade rifle.


The listed price is for that service alone.  When Services are combined discounts will apply.

When a full build is ordered a package price will be quoted.

Please contact for services needed,