A lot of research and development was done on Weber Customs chambering process.  I never stop looking for better ways, more rigidity and better concentricity. If you believe you have “arrived” then you’re probably missing something! I cannot imagine a better set up then what I have but I am always looking for improvement. With that said..Your barrel is indicated to .00007 of run out using a range rod then a long reach indicator is used to get that final “tweak” of perfection.


Chambered with Weber customs solid reaming system and 100psi thru bore flush system.
(All barrels have a slight “rainbow” or “arch” to the bore, this is an expected result for any gun drilling process.)  Barrels are oriented with the “arch” in the 12 o’clock position in order to provide maximum elevation adjustability to optics.  This also greatly reduces left/right impact changes during extreme distance transition.

Chambers are given a very fine “cross hatch finish”, this looks like a honed finish.

Tenon threads are cut to a “slip fit” tolerance, not tight-not sloppy! There are 3 industrial classes of threads, 1 being very loose and 3 being a tolerance of about .003, at Weber Customs .0005 to .0010 is standard for tenon threads

 Actions are torque to 100 ft/lbs unless otherwise specified.  Head space is machined to .0010 – .0015

Price is set at $320.00 This includes a basic 11 degree target crown.



The listed price is for that service alone.  When Services are combined discounts will apply.  

When a full build is ordered a package price will be quoted   

Please contact for services needed, rod@webercustoms.com